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LCANZ Government Resources

Information for Australian and New Zealand Government Representatives

There are significant economic and health benefits when governments support breastfeeding through meaningful investments and programs.

Often, women struggle to meet their breastfeeding goals due to a lack of appropriate support and role modelling. They can also be confused and overwhelmed by conflicting information.

Breastfeeding is the normal evolutionary human response to the survival of the human infant. It is important that women be appropriately informed about breastfeeding, appropriately supported to breastfeed, and never shamed should they choose not to, or be unable to breastfeed.

LCANZ believes it is the responsibility of Government and Policy to prevent the marketing of products which deny health benefits to our vulnerable babies. LCANZ also recommends Government and Policy should adequately fund health provider services and support volunteer organisations which promote, protect and support breastfeeding.

The information to follow will direct you to resources pertaining to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding provided by Australian, New Zealand and other Key Stakeholder organisations.

The information includes links to:

  • Government initiatives and policies of Australia and New Zealand, including strategic direction documents, and position statements
  • Global initiatives and policies
  • Advocacy and Peer Support Organisations
  • Health Professional Organisations
  • Special Interest Groups
  • LCANZ has endeavoured to provide the most up to date main hyperlink to key resources, but welcomes correction, review and recommended additions.

The information is subject to regular review by the LCANZ Board of Directors, and inclusions do not necessarily hold the full endorsement of LCANZ.

Enquirers are encouraged to click on the links provided to have access to a greater volume of information and resources.

For more information, please reach out to LCANZ by phone or email.



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Search here for qualified lactation consultants by postcode or map search.

Most consultants will travel outside their own suburb, particularly in regional areas, to assist mothers/families with babies & toddlers. All listed consultants are members of LCANZ and have qualified as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC®).