Regional Co-ordinators

Thanks to our wonderfully dedicated Regional Coordinators, without whom our LCANZ events would not be possible:

  • Wendy Norris – SA (Adelaide)

  • Annie Lamperts & Lisa White – NSW (Western Sydney)

  • Christina Galloway – TAS

  • Jane Myers – VIC

  • Cheryl Ganly-Lewis & Ruth O’Donovan – NZ (Lower North Island)

  • QLD (vacant)

  • WA (vacant)

LCANZ needs YOU!


Regional Co-ordinators organise educational meetings for IBCLCs within your communities. Often this means IBCLCs attending in person, but meetings can be via Skype if you like to use technology. In New Zealand, many of the meetings are a mix of Skype attendees and people attending in person. There are currently over 400 IBCLCs in Queensland and over 200 in Western Australia who are interested in attending LCANZ meetings.

You will be well supported in the role by LCANZ Board Directors and our Secretariat – The Association Specialists (TAS). The Secretariat takes care of most of the paperwork, leaving you free to do the actual organising, or, you might engage help from other IBCLCs. Only one meeting with CERPS every 6 months is required, but you can organise as many meetings as you and your group would like. The meetings can be presented by yourself or you can organise guest-speakers or excursions, or maybe a social event to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, or an outreach to your local gps – we can help you with ideas.

Please contact the Secretariat for more information.

New Zealand

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