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LCANZ Member Profile: Jayne Vidler

My name is Jayne Vidler. I am an IBCLC® and a registered nurse from Karana Downs, West Brisbane. We are just on the border of Brisbane and Ipswich. I spent some of my child hood growing up out here, and when I had children of my own, we moved back here to be closer to my parents and family for support. Its a beautiful quiet suburb, that is close to everything is a way. It is only 30 minutes to the CBD, 15 minutes to Ipswich and an hour to the Gold Coast.

I have over 13 years in paediatric, maternal and child health and special care nursery experience in nursing. In that time I have worked in Paediatric Oncology, General Medical and Surgical Paediatrics, Child Health and Special Care Nursery. Working with children has always been my passion, and I remember being unsure when I was starting Uni as to how I was going to do this. My Mum is a teacher and teaching was never something that I wanted to do. So a career guidance officer suggested nursing, with a view of one day doing Paediatrics.
I completed my Bachelor of Nursing in 2003 at the Australian Catholic University and started my nursing career in Cardia Adult nursing. After my graduate year I was able to enrol in my Graduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Health at ACU and that led me to working at the Mater Children’s Hospital. After I had my first baby, I started working in Community Child Health.

I have been in private practice for nearly 7 years now and am a Hypnomothering practitioner, Breastfeeding without Birthing Educator, Orofacial Myology trained and last year I was able to travel to America to complete Michelle Emanuel’s “Cranial Nerve Dysfunction in Precrawling Infants’ and Tummy Time Method certification, a course I highly recommend if you ever have the chance to do it! I am currently training to become an Infant Sleep Educator to assist in providing the families I see with evidenced based biologically normal infant sleep recommendations.

I have also been providing education for other health professionals over the last few years and have had the pleasure of presenting here in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Port Macquarie and Adelaide and internationally in Singapore. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of presenting as part of Sandra Coulson’s 4 day foundation course “Orofacial Myology for the 21st Century” on “Infant Oral Function” and “Strategies to Improve Infant Oral Function”

I am mother of 3 children, Ryan, 11, James, 9 and Matilda, 6. My passion for breastfeeding and ensuring mother’s make an informed and supported decision around their breastfeeding journey stemmed from my own experience breastfeeding my eldest. At the time, I struggled to get any help with the issues we were having and ended up ceasing breastfeeding at 8 weeks of age. Not long after he was born, I finished my Graduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Health and was lucky enough to get a position in Ipswich Child Health. As part of our education there we had to do a “Breastfeeding For Health Professionals” Introduction course and from that my amazement and passion for all things breastfeeding occurred. I discovered there was a lot of information and support that I had lacked in journey that I could now provide for other women.Thankfully, I successfully breastfed my second and third babies to 1 year and 3 years respectively. The team at Ipswich Child Health were and are still amazing. By the time I left my employment there we had 11 IBCLCs® on staff, ran a breastfeeding clinic 4-5 days a week in multiple location and Ipswich Hospital finally created an IBCLC® position on the maternity ward, which was huge step forward in the right direction.

I love that Private Practice allows me to help mothers and infants in their own homes at times and work around my children. Plus I love that my kids are growing up seeing that they can make a career out of their passions.

Besides home visiting in the Ipswich, Logan, West Brisbane area, I also see clients out of Kids Chatter Speech Pathology Clinic at Indooroopilly one day a week. The hope is that one day soon we will be able to offer an Early Feeding Clinic, which is seriously lacking in our area.

I am an eternal learner and am constantly looking for opportunities to increase my knowledge and skills to further help my clients. I am a professional member of LCANZ, ILCA, USLCA, and ABA.
I also assist with the Ipswich Multiple Birth Association with their Tiny Tots playgroup and their expectant parent evenings.

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