Find a Lactation Consultant

You can search here for qualified lactation consultants by postcode.  Most consultants will travel outside their own suburb, particularly in regional areas, to assist mothers/families with babies & toddlers.  All listed consultants are members of LCANZ, and have qualified as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Lactation Consultants listed work as private practitioners and charge for their services. Please discuss fees with your intended consultant at the time of making an appointment.

  • Private health funds may provide rebates for the consultants services
  • Some consultants have links with GP practices and may qualify for a Medicare rebate (Australia only)
  • Fees charged may differ between each individual lactation consultant

If you are unable to afford the fees, ask the consultant to advise on publicly funded resources available in your area.

LCANZ and ILCA do not set fees or resolve disputes between patients and consultants. Neither do they endorse the services or products of any individual consultant.