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To assist you to find an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), this site provides a listing VIA Australian state/territories or NZ and then by suburbs/regions. Members of LCANZ and also their international professional association (International Lactation Consultants Association - ILCA) choose to list on this public directory.

IBCLCs are members of the allied health care profession, so it is appropriate for them to charge for the time they spend in a lactation consultation. The fees may be covered by your private health insurance provider, but you will have to ask your IBCLC.

LCANZ and ILCA do not set fees, nor engage in any dispute resolution involving individual mothers and lactation consultants.

Should the paying of fees be an issue an IBCLC located in your area will usually be able to tell you what outpatient and other support services are available. You and your child’s/children's health are important to members of the profession - please seek their guidance and assistance.

LCANZ and ILCA do not endorse the services or products of any individual IBCLC. Generally those listed in Private Practice will travel outside their own suburb, and further afield, particularly in regional areas, to assist mothers/families with babies & toddlers.

  • Many in Private Practice have rebates with private health funds
  • Some have links with GPs practices and therefore Medicare rebates (Australian members only) may apply
  • Fees charged may differ between each individual lactation consultant

Find A Lactation Consultant

If you are a current LCANZ member and wish to update or publish your FALC details on the website, download this form and return  the completed form to the Secretariat by email at info@lcanz.org


New Zealand

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