Web Recording: Skin-to-skin Contact after Caesarean Section

This webinar will provide current evidence on the facilitation of skin- to-skin contact after caesarean section.  It will be of interest to all midwifery, nursing and medical staff working in operating theatres and maternity facilities.

This pre-recorded presentation will provide current evidence related to the facilitation of skin-to-skin contact after caesarean section.  You are able to view this recording at your leisure, as many times as you like but you must view and complete the survey before the 28th March 2018.

Presenter – Jeni Stevens

Jeni Stevens is an IBCLC and a Clinical Midwifery Consultant in Infant Feeding in a Sydney Hospital.  She has previously completed honors research on the role of a Doula in Australia.  Her PhD research is focused on Skin-to-Skin Contact immediately after a caesarean section.

Jeni has several published articles, including two on skin-to-skin contact after a caesarean section.  One is a literature review titled “Immediate or early skin-to-skin contact after a Caesarean section: a review of the literature” and the other is a findings paper titled “A juxtaposition of birth and surgery: Providing skin-to-skin contact in the operating theatre and recovery”.  Jeni has another two articles that should be published in the near future.

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